If you are looking for something specific from the listings below, please let us know and we can send you information on them. Over time we plan to expand our print catalog and website.

Our Departments include:
Bench Carving
Full & medium length edge tools, wood and metal mallets
Palm Carving or Whittling
Knives- including Chip carving, palm tools, safety aids.
Sculpting Books
Drawknives, adzes, rasps, files, saws, sanding, scrapers, stone carving, wax carving & wood turning. A wide variety of books on carving: wood, stone, bone and other wood related topics.
Sharpening Hand Tools
Bench and slip stones: oil, water, diamond and ceramic, power methods, strops and abrasive compounds. Planes, brushes, measuring, marking, punches- characters, texture or hollow, gun- checkering and holders/pin vises
Bench Accessories Coatings
Holding devices, tool rolls, study aids and magnifiers, and modeling tools. Paints - acrylic or airbrush, varnishes, stains, sealers, wax, oils, solvents.
Materials Services
Carving wood, exotic wood, burls, cutouts and rough-outs, turnings, glass eyes, bird feet, and cane: webbing, reed Classes, seminars, private instruction, tool sharpening, modifying, cutting, repairs: tools or furniture and carvings, plus manufacturing.
Power Carving  
Rotary machines, reciprocating machines, angle grinders, wood burners, various accessories and attachments.  
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